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–Data Centers–

How is "Hyper-Convergence" Changing IT Management Services?

Hyper-Convergence is a term that’s thrown around a lot, but behind the buzz lays great potential and initial results for IT management services.


Improve Collaboration Between Teams With This Tool

Modern communications systems give you the opportunity to improve collaboration between all teams of your organization, but which one is right for you?


How to Add a Spark to Your Team Collaboration Toolkit

Become a more productive, agile, and creative team when you use Cisco Spark—A team collaboration platform suited for today's agile business teams' needs.

–Cloud Strategy–

Embrace the Cloud for Disaster Recovery to Withstand IT Damage

Protect against data loss, outages, and other potential disruptions by leveraging the cloud into your IT disaster recovery strategy.

–Data Centers–

Three Ways to Avoid Data Loss Due to Natural Disaster

Avoiding data loss is vital to ensure that a business remains operational following a natural disaster and taking steps to safeguard your IT infrastructure.


What to Expect from Your Cisco Adoption Services Provider

Using a Cisco Adoption Services provider can help your organization toward a successful product rollout followed by consistent, reliable tool performance.


Cisco Spark Features Not Found in Other Collaboration Tools

Not all collaboration tools are created equal. Find out how some of Cisco Spark features are not found in other common collaboration tools.


How to Pick the Right Internal Office Communication Software Tool

How do you know which tool is the best for your enterprise? Learn how to pick the right internal office communication software here.

–Media IT–

What You Need to Know About "Leaf-Spine" Architecture as It Relates to the Media Industry

While leaf-spine architecture is the modern standard for medium-to-large data centers, new technologies in the media industry are beginning to take over.

–Contact Center–

Having a Modern Contact Center Means Putting Customers in Control

Customer experience drives the modern contact center, and most of these customers wish to be in control of their service experience. Learn more here.

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