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'Tis the Season 2017—A Year of Momentum & Appreciation from ShoreGroup

Happy Holidays from ShoreGroup! 2017 has been an outstanding year, and we wanted to recap some noteworthy highlights with you and thank you for your business!


Which Tool for Improving Collaboration is Right for My Team?

Consider these communication platform tools to improve collaboration between teams at your business.

–Information Security–

How to Build a Data Breach Incident Response Plan

Learn how your business can design a data breach incident response plan that anticipates and addresses the most common mistakes companies make.

–Information Security–

Business Email Compromise (BEC): Your Latest Security Achilles Heel

Business email compromise is trending in the cybercrime world, but what is it? Why is it such an insidious threat and how can it be stopped? Read on...

–Contact Center–

Good Disaster Recovery Planning Makes All The Difference In Healthcare

In this blog post, learn how the Cisco contact center platform allowed one health insurance provider to mitigate risk and plan ahead in the face of disaster.

–Information Security–

Network Assessments are Only Worth Buying If …

Read this blog post to find out if now is the right time to perform a network assessment of your IT Infrastructure.


Encourage Collaboration With These Software Tools

Lack of collaboration is a common problem at corporations. Read our blog post to learn how to encourage collaboration with these helpful software tools.


There's a Lack Of Collaboration In The Workplace

Business leaders cite a lack of collaboration in the workplace as one of many issues they face. Learn 3 reasons why workplaces struggle with collaboration.


Fear The Future of Unified Communications

In order to stay competitive in any field, you have to keep up with emerging technologies. Learn why you should fear the future of unified communications.

–Data Centers–

How is "Hyper-Convergence" Changing IT Management Services?

Hyper-Convergence is a term that’s thrown around a lot, but behind the buzz lays great potential and initial results for IT management services.

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