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–Contact Center–

Are AI and Chatbots Overwhelming the Contact Center?

May 15, 2018
With all of the technology innovations in the contact center, one must make sure not to lose sight of the human factor. Read how artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots are transforming today's interactions and how you can incorporate these tools into a winning customer-centered strategy.


News Flash: Cisco Spark is Now Cisco Webex

May 11, 2018
Recently, Cisco announced that Cisco Spark is now Cisco Webex. Read this post to get the latest details and what these changes mean to you.

–Information Security–

Q&A with ShoreGroup’s CEO on IT Infrastructure Management Directions

May 4, 2018
In the second Q&A in our series, we asked ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, about emerging trends in IT infrastructure management and operations.


Cloud Q&A on Contact Center and Collaboration with ShoreGroup's CEO

Apr 24, 2018
ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, discusses his thoughts on the Cloud's impact on contact center and collaboration. Read this Q&A interview to learn more.

–IT Services–

3 Metrics That Demonstrate the Value of IT Managed Services

Apr 19, 2018
For those looking to decide whether IT managed services are right for their organization, assessing the value of these services using specific measurements is a major part of the decision-making process. We examine three metrics one can use to determine whether or not to partner with an MSP.

–Cloud Strategy–

On-Prem to Cloud Migrations: Comparing Greenfield vs. Brownfield

Apr 12, 2018
Choosing to migrate to a new IT infrastructure is one of the most important decisions IT leaders can make. When planning an on-prem to cloud migration, how can you know whether a greenfield or brownfield strategy is right for you? Read the blog to know merits & demerits of both.

–IT Services–

Forrester IT Infrastructure Study: Healthy IT Helps Businesses Thrive

Apr 3, 2018
According to a new study by Forrester, if your IT infrastructure ecosystem isn't healthy, your business can't thrive. Read the report to learn how you can determine the health of your communications infrastructure as well as recommendations to improve it.

–IT Services–

Three Ways Managed Service Providers Can Help With IT Cost Management

Mar 26, 2018
Is it better to use in-house IT personnel or rely on a managed service provider? When it comes to IT cost management, MSPs are a clear choice. From reducing personnel costs to decreasing business disruptions, find out how MSPs save their clients money while increasing efficiency.

–IT Services–

Managed Services Providers Are More Than Just Gurus

Mar 19, 2018
As IT environments increase in complexity, many companies are leaning on expanded services offered by managed services providers including voice, security, and carrier management. Read on to learn how you can rely on additional managed services for more effective IT management.

–IT Services–

Forrester IT Management Study: What You Don't Know Could Hurt You

Mar 13, 2018
A new IT management study by Forrester Research finds that although IT teams understand the importance of proactive monitoring, half of them are still primarily reactive in their day-to-day operations. Read on to learn ways to become more proactive which will lead to greater business success.

–IT Services–

Turning IT Infrastructure Optimization From Theory to Reality

Mar 9, 2018
Optimized IT Infrastructure takes great efforts to go from the planning phase to implementation phase. The secret to a successful IT infrastructure optimization is often finding a partner who can leverage their experience to bootstrap you the next level of operational maturity.

–Cloud Strategy–

The Cloud is Not New; Figuring Out How to Use It May Be

Feb 27, 2018
The Cloud is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around for decades. So why does it still seem like the hottest new thing in computing? Read on to learn why more and more businesses are moving to the Cloud and how to best implement a winning-cloud strategy.

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