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Cisco Webex Ups Collaboration Productivity With New Feature

/ by ATSG
people collaborating in a meeting cisco webex
  • Cisco aims to improve ease of use of Webex to deliver additional functionality that further enhances the collaboration experience while improving productivity.

  • People Insights, allows users to foster better relationships by providing rich, contextually relevant, and professionally applicable information on the people in your Webex® meeting.

  • Bettering the collaboration experience increases productivity for the user.

Successful collaboration hinges on the quality of relationships. Yet, building relationships and discovering shared interests or goals takes time. When participants join a meeting, they don’t always know much about the people they will engage with. Important context is either missing or gathered during a call. In the worst case, this discovery never takes place among team members. This can lead to poor team synergy, a lack of engagement, and sub-par outcomes.

The problem only enlarges as the meeting size grows. Participants are unable to put faces to names. They may even leave a meeting without not knowing who one or more participants are. This is a missed opportunity for all and, especially, external-facing professionals. Their success relies on connecting with individuals.

Communication is a foundation of collaboration and productivity for all organizations. It’s here that the opportunity for improvement exists.

Cisco Webex Offers Rich and Contextual Collaboration

People Insights, a new Cisco Webex feature, enables better employee engagement and relationship building. By providing rich, contextual information about meeting participants, deeper connections develop.

Meeting participants may access profile data before, during, and after a Webex meeting. This helps users know who will be attending the meeting, who is currently in the session, and who joined a meeting in progress. The information presented includes more than a participant’s name. Profiles also include contextual data, such as:

  • What a meeting participant looks like (photos).
  • Their professional biography and history.
  • Educational background.
  • Social and news references.
  • Contact information.
  • Firmographic information such as company description, news, location, website address, stock price, etc. 

This data comes from public sources. An organization’s administrator may enrich this data by enabling a corporate directory integration, for instance. In this case, people profiles will provide internal information on participants within the same organization.

This can include:

  • Internal title
  • Internal contact information
  • Reporting structure
  • Ease of use

During a meeting, participants will see an icon beside the names of people with a rich profile. If a user clicks on this icon, Webex queries the database for the person’s information. A sidebar then opens displaying the People Insights data.

This access to profiles allows users to see available data on meeting attendees. It enables them to research participants and understand important context during a meeting. This all happens without ever leaving the flow of the meeting. Furthermore, if someone joins a meeting late, their information becomes available right away.

[Read the cognitive collaboration whitepaper]

Collaborate Productively

Easy-to-use, access to people profiles makes getting to know meeting attendees easy. Both formal and informal uses of the information benefit collaboration. This works within intra-organizational meetings and those with external parties. Formal information, like a colleague’s location and contact information, benefits all functions. Informal information, such as personal hobbies, where they went to school, groups or volunteer organizations they belong to can be of particular benefit too. For example, a sales associate may be looking for ways to relate to a potential client. Knowing more about them can go a long way. Collection of data is through automated means. Also, because it comes from public data sources, information is never stale.

As technology evolves, the need for smarter and flexible collaboration experiences grows. Cisco’s Webex People Insights will help organizations foster employee engagement, work smarter, and with efficiency.



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