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Five Ways Cisco Webex Calling Makes Collaboration Smarter

/ by ATSG

Remote Worker Meeting Laptop Cisco Webex Calling Cloud

  • Employees and customers have come to expect flexibility in anytime, anywhere communication. At the same time, business success hinges on enabling quality collaboration.
  • Cisco Webex® Calling is a cloud-based communications solution that makes it possible for businesses to meet expectations.
  • It offers a secure global platform, an intelligent user experience, flexible cloud transition paths and more.

Employees, customers, and suppliers have high expectations when it comes to collaboration. More enterprises are working and sharing globally. The number of remote workers continues to increase. Employees and customers have come to expect flexibility in anytime, anywhere communication. At the same time, business success hinges on enabling quality collaboration.

Cisco Webex Calling is a cloud-based communications solution that makes it possible for businesses to meet users' expectations. It's less complex and provides more ways to collaborate using cognitive calling capabilities.

Here are five reasons to believe the hype:

1. Webex Calling is a Secure Global Platform

Until now, most cloud calling alternatives to on-premises PBX systems have lacked functionality. Omissions have included security, features, and a trusted performance record. All necessary to be a viable replacement option for an enterprise PBX. Cisco Webex Calling is backed by Cisco global security protocols. The system processes customer information per strict privacy policies. It also ensures regulatory compliance in every market in which it operates.

Upping its security game, the Webex cloud platform is geo-redundant and has no single point of failure. It features a security descriptor definition language (SDDL) approach to product security. This includes data protection and privacy, as well as fraud detection mechanisms.

2. Full Stack Collaboration Suite

A business phone communication system should serve all types of business collaboration. Webex Calling includes a full-stack bundle that provides essential business calling features. The system prepares businesses for today and tomorrow.

The platform is capable of serving large and multinational businesses. Cloud calling provides the benefits of quality, predictable costs, and reduced administrative complexity.

[Read our Webex Cloud Calling datasheet.]

3. Integrated Devices and Software

Cisco collaboration solutions bring people together anywhere—on any device. A single architecture provides clear delivery of voice, video, and data. Users can call, create, view, message, and share from a variety of devices. From desk phones or laptops to room systems or mobile devices, the experience is seamless.

Rich collaboration experiences happen when all your devices interoperate. Instant access and intelligent device pairing foster high-quality communication. Regardless of device or location, users can personalize the viewing and interaction experience.
Users can pair with room devices when they enter a conference room. As needed, they can connect to a room device, whiteboard, or desk phone. Users can even start a meeting before they get to the room, then transfer it to the room device when they arrive.

4. Open and Intelligent User Experience

Good user experiences matter before, during, and after a call. Cisco cloud calling uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), and data analytics. Together, they turn calling into cognitive collaboration.

For instance, People Insights provides professional profile information for meeting participants. This creates better context and decision making, builds teamwork and camaraderie, and enhances the overall dynamics of the meeting.

New cognitive collaboration technology is likewise making it easier for users to join meetings and get up to speed faster. In addition, it offers virtual or real-time help and recognizes participants. Meeting participants can also suppress noise, share documents, and find patterns in topics.

5. Flexible Cloud Transition Paths

Transitioning to cloud calling is simple, fast, secure, and affordable. That's because Webex Calling addresses three fronts at once: commercial, experience, and architecture.

  • Commercial: The Cisco Collaboration Flex Plan simplifies how businesses buy Cisco calling. Choosing cloud, hosted, or an on-premises model makes no difference. Flex Plan gives businesses collaboration tools for calling, messaging, and meetings. All are available under one simple subscription-based offer. Buy one license, and you can convert it from on-premises to the Cloud.

  • Experience: Webex delivers an exceptional, modern collaboration experience. Employees will enjoy easy-to-use calling, messaging, meetings, and team collaboration activities. The Cloud enables Cisco to deliver the best innovations faster. Customers will feel the difference right away. They'll get better response times, simpler workflows, and a greater sense of connection.

  • Architecture: Moving your business to the Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The Webex cloud offers choices in a cloud platform model. Public cloud and private cloud are delivered from qualified partners in over 80 countries.



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