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How to Add a Spark to Your Team Collaboration Toolkit

Oct 4, 2017 5:40:40 PM / by Vanessa Kirchner-Leida

Topics: Collaboration

Vanessa Kirchner-Leida

Vanessa Kirchner-Leida is the Digital Marketing Manager at ShoreGroup. Her tech experience spans both the collaboration and security space. Besides her interest in technology, she enjoys the power of content. Specifically, how it connects people and builds relationships. Prior to her marketing career, she worked in both sales and customer service and holds a communication degree.

Remote Team Collaboration

Do you remember when you used to work on just one or two projects at a time with one team? Everyone was in the same office and project management was relatively easy.

Now fast forward to today…

You need to tackle many projects at once—in less time—and collaborate with several smaller, cross-functional, teams that may be located in different offices around the globe. Juggling so many projects at once is a challenge especially when your team members aren’t in the same physical space. It’s difficult to keep track of everything you’re working on and all the conversations you’ve had.

If you can relate so far, you probably also don’t enjoy sorting through long email threads to track previous conversations or sifting through various desktop apps to find project files either. You may feel like most of your time is spent just trying to stay organized and on top of everything. Well, you’re not alone.

Today’s Tech-Savvy Workers Demand Collaborative and Virtual Teams
Today’s digital, mobile world has transformed the way teams work together. With the influence of IT consumerization along with the Cloud, employees expect that they can access content and collaborate with their teams from anywhere while having a consistent experience from any device and channel of their choosing. Specifically, they demand the same consistent experience with workplace devices and tools as they would using their own personal devices and apps. In addition, many present-day teams are global but still insist on simple, seamless, and fast interactions with their teammates as if they were sitting next to each other in the same room.

According to Forrester Research, “…It’s critical to support an increasingly tech-savvy workforce who values collaborative environments to creatively solve problems and drive business success.” Moreover, it's not just employees, customers, partners, and suppliers expect a smooth, effortless experience as well when interacting with your company.

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Organizations must respond to today’s agile teams' and customers’ wants or risk losing them. They need to offer both teams and customers alike a variety of communication channels that are open, flexible, and adaptable. But it’s not always easy for a company to keep up with these demands. For instance, they may have previously invested in hardware that doesn’t integrate easily with other business technologies or aren’t cloud ready. Or they may have some new applications running on disparate platforms. Scenarios like these don't bear well for a seamless user experience.

As collaboration apps continue to drive the future of business communications, demand for this functionality is exploding. According to Gartner, “By 2018, 50% of team coordination and communication will occur via mobile group collaboration apps.” Accommodating different work styles and team dynamics is a big challenge for today's project manager and IT director alike.

Introducing the World's Most Advanced Collaboration Suite: Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark has been created to meet the virtual team collaboration challenges of today. Combining voice, content, and video all in one app, Cisco Spark is a complete collaboration suite that can connect teams, their work, and all communications in one place, spanning premise and cloud infrastructure.

[Download: The Cisco Spark data sheet]

It’s easy to add Spark to all of your teams' projects. After you download the app, you can start by creating a virtual project “Space” to keep track of all project deliverables. Once you name the space, you can add your team members by simply pulling their contact information from your company’s directory. From there, your teammates are able to start messaging each other, share files, make audio or video calls, schedule meetings, and even hop on an impromptu screen share if desired.

Cisco Spark even offers a virtual whiteboard where teams can instantly brainstorm new ideas and then save the whiteboard session to review and work on later. With Spark, all of your teams’ work and conversations live within your space so there’s no need to go back and forth from different applications anymore. You can even access your space before and after meetings to continue important conversations.

In addition, Spark is:

    Secure: End-to-end encryption for files and messages.
    Open: Integrate with your current business apps using APIs and SDKs.
    Simple: Easy to use and set up. Can access from any device and any browser.

Create, Share, and Do Anywhere

When you integrate Cisco Spark into your team collaboration toolkit, your teams will enjoy greater productivity, creativity, and agility. Your team can make faster decisions, boost morale and relationships with face-to-face meetings, calling, and messaging. New ideas flow easily and effortlessly when you brainstorm using the Spark whiteboard together. Your team can always meet up at a moment’s notice and engage in multiple ways to suit everyone's preferences whenever and wherever you connect.

Perhaps the greatest benefit is that all your work and conversations live in one place. No more time wasted bouncing around from app to app or searching through emails to find what you need to get your team’s work done. Spark has done all of that hard work for you so your team can always perform at its best.

ShoreGroup Cisco Spark Free Datasheet Download


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