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Let Hybrid Cloud Be Your Greenfield Migration Strategy

If you're not sure what cloud migration strategy to take, you may want to consider hybrid. Hybrid cloud holds the promise of accelerating implementation while not overtaxing business resources such as budget and IT personnel. It also provides the satisfaction of doing things differently than before.
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A Shift to the Cloud Needs a Plan

As surprising as it may seem, one of the top reasons why cloud migrations fail is due to the lack of a governance and planning strategy. A cloud migration plan which employs project management methodologies scaled to align with the needs of a business should help avoid this egregious mistake.
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Redundancy in Cloud Computing Means Checking Four Areas

There's a multitude of occurrences that can threaten a business's IT operations including natural disasters, outages, sabotage, and human error. Leverage the Cloud to ensure your organization stays up-and-running by focusing on four levels of redundancy: hardware, process, network, and geographic.
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The Cloud Provides Critical Flexibility for Businesses

Safeguard against inevitable change by digital infrastructure built on cloud technology. The Cloud delivers flexibility and other advantages. It also helps ensure your company can adapt to whatever comes next.
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Q&A with ShoreGroup’s CEO on IT Infrastructure Management Directions

In the second Q&A in our series, we asked ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, about emerging trends in IT infrastructure management and operations.
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Cloud Q&A on Contact Center and Collaboration with ShoreGroup's CEO

ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, discusses his thoughts on the Cloud's impact on contact center and collaboration. Read this Q&A interview to learn more.
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On-Prem to Cloud Migrations: Comparing Greenfield vs. Brownfield

Choosing to migrate to a new IT infrastructure is one of the most important decisions IT leaders can make. When planning an on-prem to cloud migration, how can you know whether a greenfield or brownfield strategy is right for you? Read the blog to know merits & demerits of both.
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The Cloud is Not New; Figuring Out How to Use It May Be

The Cloud is not a new phenomenon. In fact, it has been around for decades. So why does it still seem like the hottest new thing in computing? Read on to learn why more and more businesses are moving to the Cloud and how to best implement a winning-cloud strategy.
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Embrace the Cloud for Disaster Recovery to Withstand IT Damage

Protect against data loss, outages, and other potential disruptions by leveraging the cloud into your IT disaster recovery strategy.
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Three Advantages of Moving to Cloud Infrastructure for Major Market Media Outlets

We have moved into a digital age driven by the rapid acceleration of technology, cloud infrastructures being one example. See how they assist media outlets.
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Greenfield Strategy Advantages and Disadvantages When Implementing a New IT System at a Media Company

Although Greenfield strategy plays a big role in the improvement of IT systems, it has its downsides. Learn more about its advantages and disadvantages.
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