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Customer Engagement and Secrets from Calabrio C3

How can organizations amplify connections with customers and employees? Read on to learn some secrets on enabling technologies, the next generation of consumers, and other considerations taken from the recent Calabrio customer engagement conference in Nashville, Tennessee.
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Score Big with Advanced Contact Center Reporting and Analytics

For better contact center reporting and analytics, you need to understand what data matters most based on the objectives of your business. The best way to start is to ask three questions: What’s most important to your business? What does it look like when done well? And, how will you measure it?
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The Cloud Provides Critical Flexibility for Businesses

Safeguard against inevitable change by digital infrastructure built on cloud technology. The Cloud delivers flexibility and other advantages. It also helps ensure your company can adapt to whatever comes next.
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Advanced Reporting and Analytics Offer Digital Paydirt

The streams of data that comes into today's modern contact center are comparable to mining for ore. Extracting the valuable bits from these streams with advanced reporting and analytics tools is an effective way to gain powerful customer insights leading to better customer and business outcomes.
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A Modern Contact Center Means Choice for Customers

To meet today's customers' high expectations, modern contact centers need to offer choices on how they communicate with them. Read on to learn how you can adopt a smarter approach to your contact center and keep your customers satisfied.
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Advanced Contact Center Reporting Conquers Digital Mess

As part of a holistic contact center strategy, organizations need to break down data silos and end the pains of patching together data from various sources. Read on to learn how to take advantage of today's advanced reporting systems that will lead to a more productive and informed contact center.
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Are AI and Chatbots Overwhelming the Contact Center?

With all of the technology innovations in the contact center, one must make sure not to lose sight of the human factor. Read how artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots are transforming today's interactions and how you can incorporate these tools into a winning customer-centered strategy.
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Q&A with ShoreGroup’s CEO on IT Infrastructure Management Directions

In the second Q&A in our series, we asked ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, about emerging trends in IT infrastructure management and operations.
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Cloud Q&A on Contact Center and Collaboration with ShoreGroup's CEO

ShoreGroup's CEO, John McCarthy, discusses his thoughts on the Cloud's impact on contact center and collaboration. Read this Q&A interview to learn more.
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Actionable Tips for Contact Center Optimization

Contact center optimization can start today. These actionable tips will help you improve operations without making major changes to your infrastructure.
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How to Take Your Contact Center Strategy to the Next Level

Revitalizing your contact center strategy isn’t as hard as it seems. By implementing a few key solutions like remote workers and omnichannel technology, you can end the cycle of poor service experiences and transform your contact center into a source of pride and profit.
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