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ShoreGroup's Community Service Day: A Salute to Veteran Patients

Feb 16, 2018
ShoreGroup participated in National Salute Week, a U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs program that pays tribute and appreciation to the over 98,000 Veteran patients across the United States. Read on to learn more about this give-back community event.


ShoreGroup University: Our Commitment to a Customer-First Culture

Feb 9, 2018
ShoreGroup announces ShoreGroup University: A training and development program for employees to ensure that customers are provided quality IT services and solutions. ShoreGroup has the IT know-how backed by industry-recognized certifications offering an exceptional customer experience.

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One Easy Way Local Media Organizations Can Gain an Advantage on the Competition

Apr 26, 2017
The local media industry continues to be in a transitional period following the rise of digital news consumption. Learn how to gain advantage on the competition

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Why the 'News Anywhere' Movement Depends on a Cloud-Based Network Solution

Apr 15, 2017
'News anywhere' is not just a catchphrase in the tech community, it’s the reality for many consumers. Learn how a cloud-based network solution helps the spread.

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