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What to Expect from Your Cisco Adoption Services Provider

Aug 9, 2017 12:00:00 AM / by Bill Elliopulos

Topics: Collaboration

Bill Elliopulos

Bill Elliopulos is the Director of Pre-Sales Engineering. His depth of experience includes 25 years in the contact center space including IVR development, and over 20 years as a pre-sales contact center engineer. Before coming to ShoreGroup, he has worked for companies such as GeoTel, Cisco Systems, and various Cisco ATP partners.

IT guy looking at several servers looking for a Cisco adoption service provider

Using a Cisco Adoption Services provider with a strong track record can help guide your organization toward a successful product rollout followed by consistent, reliable tool performance. During the process of adopting a new Cisco product at your organization, the services provider will work with you to understand your business objectives and operational requirements. From this holistic analysis, they can help find the best way to integrate a new tool into your existing operations. Your Cisco services provider can also help you identify key stakeholders who must be engaged with during the process.   

Another key component is making sure that your internal processes are ready to support such a change. The provider should identify dependencies across your organization and determine if any other changes are needed in your infrastructure or processes. From here, the Cisco partner helps design a blueprint for implementing the particular software solution. Components of this include a deployment communications plan to relay information to your employees, as well as the development of metrics that will track a successful adoption of the product. As part of the implementation, the adoptions services provider should determine what ongoing support your organization will need.  

As a part of this entire process, your Cisco adoption services provider should focus on these areas:

Fostering End User Adoption

One of the biggest deterrents to companies taking on a new platform is the mindset that they believe it will go unused. This can occur for any number of reasons according to Forbes. An adoption services provider should help pave the road for employees to understand the opportunities and benefits of using the new collaboration platform. Additionally, a well-qualified adoption services provider will know how to migrate employees from antiquated platforms and/or stand-alone point solutions onto the new company standard.

Quick Response Times

Adoption service providers should be available whenever you need assistance and respond to any time-based requirements you have and the pace of your organization. Installing a new solution and implementing it enterprise-wide can be a complex process. It’s essential that the adoption service provider is available when you most need them. Quick response times can mean the difference between an issue causing a minor hiccup in operations and key functionality being unusable for hours. Having a responsive provider can also help to speed along the adoption process. You don’t want to have to wait for on-site help or other forms of assistance. The faster this can be provided, the faster you can go live with this new solution.

Broad Cisco Expertise

When working with an adoption services provider, it’s important for them to understand the ins and outs of the Cisco ecosystem. This will help both with the implementation of the particular Cisco product and with any integration work that needs to be done with other Cisco services that you utilize. A provider with a long partnership with Cisco and an extensive knowledge of their ecosystem can help smooth the process. It also means that their experts will be able to deal with common support challenges that arise after the product is live. You feel more secure knowing that you’re in experienced hands.

Industry Knowledge

Many businesses have industry-specific needs and concerns that they wish to address by using collaborative tools like Cisco Spark. If a support provider doesn’t have knowledge of your industry and is unwilling to adapt their considerations to your unique use cases, then it’s unlikely the configuration will suit your needs. Look for an adoption service provider who has previous experience with businesses across a wide range of industries. They should understand the types of things that keep you up at night. Not only should a support provider ask about your pain points, they should try to deploy a given solution with the goal of mitigating them.


The process of integrating new software solutions into your existing business operations can often involve challenges that require unique solutions. As part of this process, the Cisco adoption services provider should be able to react quickly to unexpected circumstances. A provider’s flexibility is often related to how much experience they’ve had and how well they know the Cisco ecosystem.

The ShoreGroup Advantage

ShoreGroup is both a Cisco Master Service Provider and a Cisco Master Collaboration Partner, and they have deployed, managed, and optimized unified communications networks with  more than a million endpoints. The adoption services team can leverage this experience for effective rollouts of Cisco Spark and its integration with any existing Cisco platforms at your business.

They’re able to gain a deep understanding of your business objectives and operational requirements in order to ensure an optimized solution for success, and combine experiences across a variety of industries with quick response times to support issues. With a proven track record of service success and customer satisfaction, ShoreGroup has the experts you can trust to guide your Cisco Spark adoption.

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