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In today’s competitive environment, you face ever-increasing demands from your business. However, if you are like many other IT organizations, your critical IT resources are consumed with day-to-day operations – or you don’t have the engineering skills needed to deal with frequent changes that span complex, interconnected technologies.

With ShorePatrol Operate Services, you receive high-touch operational support from a trusted partner – freeing your resources to drive innovation.

ShorePatrol Operate Services support a broad set of technologies, including:

Unified Communications
Contact Center
Server Management
Data Center
For each technology, we offer a comprehensive operational subscription service that lets you select what’s needed to better manage your business services and outcomes. Each service is backed by a team of expert engineers with extensive experience in the corresponding technology. We also offer customized subscriptions if you only need help with specific aspects of operational support.

With ShorePatrol Operate Services, you will also get:

An assigned Customer Care Advocate (CCA), to ensure that our support team is closely aligned with your business objectives. Our CCAs are experienced in business operations, have a strong project management focus, and know change management processes. With a regular cadence of business and technical meetings, our CCA becomes part of your operational process and can bring in experts to help guide your operations and technical decisions.
A Technical Leadership Engineer (TLE), a trusted advisor who is intimately familiar with your technical and business environment. The TLE can provide needed technical expertise within your change control process, and can also help you evaluate technical options to support your business objectives.
To discover how ShorePatrol Operate Services can transform your IT operations, get in touch with us today.
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