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Your mission-critical IT infrastructure supports customer engagement, collaboration and a wide range of key business services. When it fails or performs poorly, there’s no time to waste – you need to identify and resolve the problem right away.

However, getting to the root cause of IT issues is an arduous challenge. IT infrastructure is incredibly complex and interconnected, with applications and IT devices interacting with one another in innumerable ways. Disentangling issues takes an enormous amount of time, resulting in extended service outages and serious business impacts.

With the ShorePatrol Monitor-Only Service, you will know the root cause of IT issues in just a few seconds. It’s a powerful IT Operations Management ITOM solution that continuously and proactively monitors your IT environment using patented, appliance-based software. It understands how each layer of your IT infrastructure works – and how information flows across these layers to deliver the end-user experience. It uses this knowledge to intelligently diagnose why your IT infrastructure has failed, correlating thousands of potential symptoms to identify the single underlying reason for the failure.
The ShorePatrol Monitor-Only Service platform is powered by Optanix, the leader in predictable IT. Hundreds of the world’s most demanding organizations rely on the Optanix Platform to manage their mission-critical business services and service delivery infrastructure. ShoreGroup uses the Optanix Platform to manage over 5 million IT devices, including network infrastructure, servers, unified communications platforms and entire contact centers.
The Optanix Platform enables ITIL-based incident management and tracking. It automatically opens validated incidents in its integrated event management application, and sends detailed notifications to your staff that’s responsible for the specific system or issue. In addition, the platform provides a range of configurable reports and dashboards to track the availability and performance of your systems.
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