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Today, your IT infrastructure and services face unprecedented threats—hackers, botnets, viruses and ransomware lurk around every corner. Your vital business assets are on the line, creating enormous risks that can cripple or destroy your business. Protecting your IT environment is an absolute necessity—and this takes experience, insight, and deep security knowledge.

Don’t go it alone.

A trusted partner like ShoreGroup can build your security program from the ground up, or act as a force multiplier for your existing operations.

Software does not equal security.

Unfortunately, in today’s security landscape, many providers will overwhelm you with countless tools instead of providing the expertise and long-term commitment it takes to make those tools effective.

At ShoreGroup, we help you maximize your security by tailoring a strategy to the needs and vulnerabilities of your IT environment, consolidating and optimizing your tools, and managing your program into the future.

Maximize security by ShoreGroup

ShoreGroup is a Next-Generation MSSP

Access Control ShoreGroup

Access Control

Gain granular control over every user and device accessing your network. Reduce risks with the capability to define who, what, where, when, and how users gain access to resources.
Asset Visibility ShoreGroup

Asset Visibility

Shine a flashlight in the dark areas of your network and identify all of your infrastructure assets, score their vulnerabilities, and prioritize patch management efforts. Reduce your risk with automated and managed vulnerability management.
User Behavior Analytics person icon ShoreGroup

User Behavior Analytics

Stop loss by identifying thresholds for normal user behavior and responding quickly to actions that deviate from the norm. Stop the malicious use of stolen user credentials before a compromise.
Data Classification data icon ShoreGroup

Data Classification

Audit your existing data and create a program  for classifying your sensitive  data to comply with regulations and conform to best practices.
Managed Detection & Response ShoreGroup

Managed Detection & Response

Make use of our security experts, relevant threat intelligence, and automation tools to detect and respond to malicious behavior.
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