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One of the main challenges that we had during the move was we were trying to completely upgrade the old environment as we were moving the users into it. So we had this operation that was turning out newspapers every single day but we were replacing the core networking technology, the wireless networking technology, and the telephony, all while the 24/7 paper operation was running.
Jim Bazzano
VP Enterprise Network Services, Hearst

ShoreGroup’s Systems Migration Methodology

Best-in-Class Tools
ShoreGroup uses industry-leading migration tools to help the process go as quickly as possible while minimizing risk.
Careful Testing
ShoreGroup can create proof-of-concept environments to test the viability of data and applications on the new infrastructure. 
Minimal Interruption
ShoreGroup does extensive planning before the migration to ensure your systems experience as little downtime as possible.
Migrating to A New Communications Platform
Migrating to A New Communications Platform

With today's workforce becoming increasingly mobile, employees expect to be able to collaborate from anywhere, with anyone, on any device. Unfortunately, older communications platforms can’t keep up with these demands.

Upgrading your communications platform is necessary to keep your business moving forward, but migration can be challenging and time-consuming.

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