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The goal of the adoption program with ShoreGroup is to meet  the staff where they are in terms of their challenges and to ensure that we're going to overcome them through training and general practice and adoption that meets their needs.
John Ryan Brooks
Director of Systems, Doctors without Borders

How ShoreGroup Supports New Technology Adoption

The adoption process starts with understanding business challenges and end-user behavior, as well as identifying metrics for success.
ShoreGroup either provides detailed documentation for internal training or sends our experts to your office to conduct training sessions with end users.
Using metrics established earlier in the process, ShoreGroup analyzes the success of the technology adoption and its benefits to your organization.
Overcoming Resistance to Technological Change in a Legacy Media Environment
Transitioning into the 21st century can be challenging for organizations that have relied on the same basic tools for decades. However, overcoming initial hesitation to adopt new platforms is key for the continued success of any media company. This free, step-by-step guide can help you re-frame employee resistance, and plan your approach.

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